Free EQ Demo Module: Stress Tolerance

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Stress Tolerance

Stress tolerance is the ability to withstand adverse events and stressful situations without falling apart. This means that a person is able to cope with what's on their plate, and do it with grace and aplomb. Watching someone who has high levels of stress tolerance is like watching a choreographed dance. This person is able to move positively in and out of situations, personally and at work, with ease, calmness, and without getting overly anxious or agitated

A.D.D. EQ Program

Dr. Michael Rock's addEQ Program is a self-directed and interactive learning and development experience that includes Stress Tolerance and 14 other emotional competencies that form your emotional intelligence. The aim of the addEQ program is to grow your emotional intelligence in order to develop extraordinary relationships characterized by trust, initiative, resilience and openness to change in your business and personal life!