Dr. Michael Rock has designed the addEQ program to grow and develop each of the 15 competencies of your emotional intelligence to achieve extraordinary personal resilience, initiative, trust and relationships.

Scientific Proof

Dr. Reuven BarOn, a clinical psychologist, has conducted 17 years of extensive research on emotional intelligence. His research has crossed borders into the United States, Canada, Germany, India, Argentina, South Africa, Israel and Nigeria, in an effort to develop a cross-cultural approach to describing and assessing emotional intelligence.

Also, his research results, published in 1997 with the American Psychological Association, indicated that emotional intelligence does change throughout life and can increase with age! Unlike IQ that remains relatively stable from about 17 years of age, you can grow your EQ throughout your life!!

addEQ Program
(Assess. Develop. Discover.)

Dr. Michael Rock has designed the addEQ program to grow your emotional intelligence in your personal and business life.


You will receive a personal and confidential assessment of your emotional intelligence with the BarOn EQ-iTM (Emotional Quotient-Inventory)TM. The EQ-iTM is the most scientifically validated and statistically normed assessment tool available in the world.


Next, you will initiate your self-directed development of emotional intelligence with the interactive learning experience in each of the 15 modules.


Finally, you will discover and record your emotional intelligence growth with a personal EQ Journal.