The impact of the addEQ program lies in the richness and depth of your opportunity to develop your emotional intelligence (you decide on the speed and depth of your development as you progress through the program.)

You can begin with acquiring a greater emotional literacy, can then progress to strengthening your relationship skills in your business and personal life, and can fully extend your ability to combine intellect and emotion into life long wisdom.

Emotional Literacy
Knowing your emotions, developing a wide array of emotional competencies and skills, and expressing them well are the hallmarks of emotional literacy. The impact of Emotional Intelligence lies in the fact that emotions and intellect often work together, each enhancing or crippling the other.

Relationships - At Work

Technical and academic competence will get you hired, your initiative, resilience, communication, leadership and teamwork success will hinge on your emotional intelligence.

Relationships - In Life

Some of the greatest tragedies in life are poor relationships with family, friends and co-workers, conversely, some of the greatest treasures in life are wonderful relationships. The trust, respect, optimism and resilience of these relationships are fueled by your emotional intelligence.


Fully extending the linkages of emotional intelligence in learning, knowledge, emotions and relationships provides a life long acquisition of experience and wisdom!