1. How can I try out the addEQ Program?
On the
EQ Demo Module page, you will find instructions on how to take the free demo.

2. What is EQ?
EQ is an acronym for emotional quotient. EQ is a measure of your overall emotional intelligence, as well as specific emotional competencies.

3. What is emotional intelligence?
Emotional intelligence is the aggregate of the strengths and weakness of your emotional competencies.

4. Is emotional intelligence measurable?
Yes! Our addEQ Program uses the only scientifically, statistically and culturally validated tool to measure emotional intelligence - called the BarOn EQ-iTM (Emotional Quotient-Inventory)TM.

5. What are the personal implications of emotional intelligence?
Emotional literacy and fluency, initiative, and relationships characterized by optimism, trust, resilience and wisdom.

6. Is emotional intelligence "growable"?
Yes! Research has shown that EQ does develop with age. Our addEQ Program is designed to help individuals grow and develop their emotional intelligence to whatever level they aspire.

7. What are the business applications of emotional intelligence?
Recruiting, employee development, leadership, succession planning and teamwork are some of the business applications of emotional intelligence.

8. What is the unique value of our addEQ Program?
Combining the scientific research of Dr. Reuven BarOn's EQ-iTM (Emotional Quotient-Inventory)TM, and the wisdom and education of Dr. Michael Rock, with a highly interactive program that is 40 hours long, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a 6-month password access cost of $275 U.S., is an extraordinary value!

9. How can I register for the addEQ program?
Click on the register button on the home page and follow the simple registration steps.