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Context and Energy

The addEQ program has been designed to provide you with context and energy. This program will allow you to think about the context of your life, because as you envision the context, so you live your life!

Your Brain

Consider your brain as having three parts: 1) Thinking, 2) Feeling, 3) Action.

    The thinking part, called the neocortex, or the neocortical brain. In evolutionary terms, this is the most recent part of ourselves that has been developed "most recent" meaning the last 10,000 years!

    The feeling part, called the limbic, or limbic part. In evolutionary terms, this part has been with us from the beginning. Think of the limbic system like a gyroscope of emotional response.

    The action part of us is called the reptilian, or basic brain. In evolutionary terms, this is the most fundamental part of us. Our basic brain reacts very quickly to threats (real or imagined.)


The problem today with us having these three "parts" is the following:

  • We often think too much, such that we have lost touch with how we really feel.
  • If we do feel, we react to people, places and things rather than respond. Being out of touch with our feelings, we don't have fluency with relating to them. We are often emotion illiterates.
  • Because we often think too much, are out of touch with how we feel, we act on our impulses (like a cobra or shark). Often our actions get us into trouble, or we regret something we said or did.
Enjoy the addEQ program!