The Right People Working Right

Dr. Michael E. Rock
Licensed EQ-I (Emotional Intelligence) Coach & Facilitator


Have you ever said to yourself, "Wouldn’t it be great to have employees who were exactly suited to the work that needs to be done, as well as employees who bring an outstanding level of commitment and productivity to their work?"

Well, you can have both. You can have your cake and eat it too!

How is all this possible? Read on.

The new organization in the new global economy has to face two important questions:

  1. How do we select employees who fit the requirements we have? You are talking here about having the right people to do the job. This means having a selection system that is valid, simple, elegant, and that works.
  2. How do we develop employees who are committed to the job? You are talking here about working right. This means having an emotional intelligence relationship system that is scientifically valid, reliable and that gives you both face-to-face and Internet capabilities to develop these "best employees" and "best practices."

Training Alternatives Inc. (TAI), in partnership with SDD, provide the global solution to choose the right employees to work right. Too many organizations are skilled in finding the right employee but later have to let the person go because the employee cannot work right. The first circumstance takes in a personality hiring issue, or what person you want to hire, while the second circumstance encompasses an emotional intelligence working issue, or how well this person will contribute to your organization.

Choosing the Right Employees

Depending on your organizational requirements and the mix of the right employees that you need, you might ask yourself some of the following questions.

"Do I need employees who...

    Are good decision makers?
    Can manage time well?
    Are patient? creative?
    Are effective at planning and goal setting?
    Are detailed-oriented?
    Are persuasive? project confidence?
When you attempt to answer the above questions, you are asking what the right personality and learning / working type(s) are for your organizational needs. There are four essential personality types: Leaders, Energizers, Analyzers, and Stabilizers. Each personality type has an accompanying learning and working style.

LEADERS -- The A-type personality. Very independent, analytical, with a good decision level. Having a sixth sense that allows them to see opportunities most of us miss. Persistent. Entrepreneurs with vision. Opportunity people. Enjoy the challenge and play to win.

Learning / Working Style: Think fast on their feet. Can handle a number of situations without risk of overload. Handle stress well because they’re well paced. Respond well to risks and opportunities but will need incentives in order to set their goals high. Decisive and will respond and act on their decisions. Independent and self-managed. See the bigger picture. Do not enjoy hype but rather management by direction. Excellent in problem solving and on the job. Do not require admiration, but respect. Strive for excellence and sooner or later will want a piece of the action. Usually educated because of their need and intrigue for constant learning. Usually skilled in many areas. Team positions: leader, sales, implementers. The cheerleading type seminar or meeting is a real turn-off.

ENERGIZERS -- The B-type personality. Action-driven. Great salespeople and public speakers. Very persuasive and convincing. Quite impatient, need excitement, and work very well with change. Creative, artistic, outgoing, talkative, persuasive, people-type.

Learning / Working Style: Work well with most people, have a need for feedback, to be liked and admired. Unstoppable, persistent and quick to make decisions. Charming in nature, socially assertive, a go-getter. Talk a great talk, play a great game, but would rather play by the rules. Always looking for a brighter tomorrow. A true networker, talkative, optimistic, enthusiastic and are very excitable. Works well with an A-type personality. Usually incompatible with C-Type personalities. Dislike tedious work, long hours, mundane tasks and charts and graphs. Highly interactive. Thrive on change. Enjoy the hype and fast paced atmosphere. Spontaneous. Need direction to be consistent but if they enjoy the position they will stay consistent. Team positions: research via telephone or in person, artistic, sales, or public relations.

ANALYZERS -- The C-type personality. Serious type. The world is about to end if the check is late, or the bankbook is not balanced to the penny. Very consistent, analytical, detailed and patient. Will spend enormous amounts of time on a simple problem or decision. Want all the facts and figures before making a decision. Usually a perfectionist.

Learning / Working Style: Love detail. Take time to pore over information before making a decision. Make great accountants, computer technicians, and lawyers. Love working with numbers. Avoid hype or glitter. Very loyal, patient, steady, serious, consistent, patient, and detail conscious. Need structure and direction in their day-to-day routines. Strive for perfection and consistency. Usually low keyed, reliable, cool, methodical, not very excitable. They desire long-term positions and would rather be delegated to rather than lead. A willingness to please others, tolerating most people (except the B-type personalities). Work well with A and D-type personalities. Most likely found working in accounting, engineering, banking, customer service, administrative, computers and secretarial type positions. Team Positions: accounting, analytical research, detailed work, quality control, production, technical.

STABILIZERS -- The D-type personality. Types who are happy-go-lucky, not in any hurry, nothing matters. Enjoy balance, stable work environment. Enjoy each day as it comes, come what may. Stick to the more mundane type of jobs that need to be done. Positions that require pure dedication and boredom. Need a secure environment, steady wages and rules to work by. Have an inner quality that lets them feel secure in themselves and contented. Low keyed, charming, competent, calm, patient, compassionate, good listener, all purpose person.

Learning / Working Style: Not fast paced nor slow paced. Evenly paced. Emotionally stable with a good sense of humor. Loyal and all round good employees. Need a well-structured environment. No need for fast action, but rather a more firm, quiet, and consistent position. Listeners, always consistent and contented with low key positions and environments. Found working in nursing, teaching, customer service, administrative, secretarial, government and retail type positions. Work well with C-type personalities. Team positions: production labor, research, quality control, clerical, computer operations, production, technical, customer support.

Choosing Employees Who Work Right

All organizations need to know that the employees they hire will have the robustness and follow-through to be successful. This follow-through is the fuel or emotional intelligence quotient of the employees. Mental intelligence tells us that we are smart. Emotional intelligence tells us how we are smart.

TAI and SDD can now scientifically assess and develop the emotional intelligence of employees. Having the right employee (section above) is analogous to having a great car. Having an employee working right is knowing that the driver of that great car will drive it with finesse and sustainable power.

Assessing the emotional intelligence of employees with a rigorously scientific, statistical and cross culturally validated tool known as the EQ-i with a synchronized EQ learning and development program sustains the working right efforts of:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Assertiveness
  • Reality Testing
  • Impulse Control
  • Flexibility
  • Self-Regard
  • Independence
  • Social Responsibility
  • Optimism
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Self-Actualization
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Happiness
The Alignment Is Crucial - The Right Employee Working Right

Combining the strengths of both the right employee with working right provides an employer with the very best fit for the jobs required.

How Do You Achieve This Alignment?

Step 1)
Select current people in a particular job who are superb technically and consistently exhibit extraordinary personal and relationship qualities.

Step 2)
Benchmark the ‘Right People’ for a particular job (for example, an electrician) using the Plus-32 assessment tool by profiling your ‘top performers’ who are superb technically.

Step 3)
Identify the ideal ‘Right People’ profile for a particular job from this Plus-32 benchmarking Step 2) by establishing the optimal personality and learning / working styles.

Step 4)
Benchmark the ‘Working Right’ profile for a particular job using the EQ-i (Emotional Quotient-Inventory) from these 40 ‘Top Performers’ who exhibit superb personal and relationship qualities.

Step 5)
Identify the ideal ‘Working Right’ profile for a particular job from this EQ-i benchmarking Step 4) by establishing the optimal relationship competencies.

Step 6)
Align the ideal ‘Right People’ and ‘Working Right’ benchmark profiles to select ideal candidates for a particular job.

Step 7)
You now have The Right People Working Right!